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Simulation modelling is one of the best ways to break down complex systems, using your own data to make predictions on how to improve performance. DSE Consulting is the sole provider of AnyLogic simulation software in the UK. We deliver licences, personalised demos, and training with ongoing support, working on your projects with your team.

DSE Consulting helps organisations and business managers in the UK tackle the real-life situations that you face today. We'll walk you through how to build and enhance your model to help you make better decisions for the future of your organisation. Or if you’re looking for someone to build you a digital twin, you can use our sister company, decisionLab.

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Join our 3-day hands-on training course for a complete introduction to AnyLogic simulation software

Build simulation models from scratch learning features for discrete events modelling, system dynamics, and agent-based modelling, plus get a 121 mentoring session with the UK's top trainer 

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Find out how to combine simulation modelling and AI using AnyLogic and Pathmind tools together. Ask 'What if... ?' for the future of your business and know the answer for certain.

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Over many years of working in simulation modelling, the technologists at DSE Consulting have tried every simulation software on the market and we know you can’t beat AnyLogic. We advise, train, and support some of the world’s largest organisations on simulation so that they continue to have an edge on their competition.




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